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Perfect Solution Makes A Successful History

Our history, our pride

WiTaxi (Pty) Ltd launched the in-transit wifi on the 14th June 2014. The project was heralded as a breakthrough in bridging the digital divide.

We offer our customers Free Connectivity

The commuters have welcomed the free connectivity and usage is climbing daily.

100 unique user per taxi per day

15 million commuters/day

100,000 taxi operators

1,500 taxi associations

Taxi Registration

Installation is quick and easy, take the first step.

How We Work. The Connectivity Process

Follow 4 easy steps

Easy login

One step authentication

Bandwidth Allocation

Managed data transfer allowance per subscriber


Brand safety by excluding malware, violence and adult content websites​

Data Logging

Data logging system to store data traffic, devices MAC addresses, time and day usage per identified device


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